Payment Terms
Group Lessons Policy
Private Lessons Policy
Instrument Repair Policy

Boy playing on the clarinetPAYMENT TERMS

Weekly Recurring Private Lessons

Private lessons will be settled electronically every Wednesday, in advance of the next week, via credit card or ACH bank draft for those customers who are on the weekly billing system.  Customers who are on the monthly billing system are charged on the 20th of each month, in advance of the next month. All major credit cards are accepted.  Payments will be processed unless we receive written notification through our link for changing enrollment status.

Floating Private Lessons

A major credit card is required and payment is taken when the lesson is scheduled.

House Accounts

House accounts are automatically established for all private instruction customers. This service is provided as a convenience to simplify and streamline the purchasing of materials, supplies and other services throughout the month. House account transactions are always settled every Thursday (separate from charges for lessons).

Rent-to-Purchase Agreements

A valid major credit card is required for all rental contracts. Your first month’s rental payment will be processed based on the pickup date on your reservation. Thereafter, rental accounts are settled every 30 days. Rental instruments may be returned at any time. 100% of each rental payment (excluding the maintenance and repair fee) goes toward the purchase of your instrument. For stringed instruments, 100% of the accumulated equity is applied through each size increase toward the purchase of a full size student instrument. There is no obligation to buy and the instrument may be returned at any time.



Family Discount

For families who occupy two or more reserved time slots (or if one student occupies two reserved time slots) there is an 10% discount for both time slots.


Customers enrolled in our rewards program earn one point for every $10 of retail merchandise purchased.  (Lessons, rentals and repairs do not earn points). When you redeem points, one point equals one dollar. Points can only be redeemed during Exchange Weeks, which are held twice annually. Your points will not expire, provided you have at least one customer transaction per year. Community music teachers can earn additional reward points.



Refunds for group classes will be granted up to one week prior to the first week of class unless The Music Room cancels the class. There are no refunds for missed classes.  Students enrolling after the session will be admitted through the third week of the session.  The Music Room reserves the right to exchange teaching personnel at any time and to cancel classes with low enrollment.  A separate registration form must be submitted for each student.


Missed Lessons

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, we are lifting all attendance restrictions and we will offer unlimited makeup lessons for the foreseeable future.


Reserved lesson times are offered Monday through Saturday, based upon the mutual availability of students and The Music Room. Lesson times are identified and selected during a private lesson registration appointment. Permanent time changes may be arranged pending availability.

Substitution of Teachers

From time to time, your teacher may need to make arrangements for a substitute. When this happens, you will be notified in advance, whenever possible.  The Music Room reserves the right to exchange teaching personnel for private classes at any time.



Free estimates are available upon request. Most repairs are completed in less than one week, however, many repairs can be completed in one or two days.  Overhauls and instruments with extensive damage require more time and will be evaluated on an individual basis.

Customers who are renting an instrument from The Music Room qualify for free repairs for the contracted instrument. Loaner instruments are also available for current rental customers.