Amps at The Music Room Take Your Sound Further

Amplifiers sold at The Music Room carry a great sound and offer supreme quality in amplification. Experience the latest amplifiers from Peavey, Marshall, Eden, and Washburn. These amps for electric, bass and acoustic guitars will enhance the sound of your instrument.

For beginning students to professional musicians each amplifier is assessed to determine the features we feel will meet the needs of players. A complete inspection ensures full functionality from equalization to factory presets. You can rest assured that the amp will work for you.


Randall 20RD-112 An amazing value for an entry level all-tube combo amplifier. Nothing fancy here- this is a two channel high gain guitar amp perfect for rock and metal.
  • Two channel, 20 watt all tube (12AX&/6V6) amplifier
  • 12” Randall speaker
  • Footswitch included

Price: $599.99