Quality Guitars for Every Level of Musician

At The Music Room you will find a wide selection of acoustic, electric, and bass guitars from quality manufacturers including Washburn, Seagull, Warwick, and B.C. Rich. These are the brands that we feel confident will ensure a high standard of quality and value for our customers – from the beginner to the professional musician.

Why Buying a Guitar at The Music Room is the Best Choice

To meet our standard of excellence, each guitar goes through rigorous testing and inspection before it goes on display. We invite you to try it out. Pick it up. Get a feel for the guitar in your hands. Pictures won’t tell a guitar’s story. Only you will know if it is the right guitar for you.

This is The Music Room advantage - we care deeply about each instrument we sell. We ensure the quality and playability are the highest they can possibly be before it reaches the hands of our valued customers. And when you purchase a new guitar at The Music Room, it comes with one free private lesson or one free group class!

Brands We Carry

Washburn Founded in Chicago in 1883, Washburn continues to deliver quality acoustic guitars & banjos, incorporating premium features such as solid tops, onboard Fishman electronics, and unique design innovations such as acoustic guitars with maple fretboards and partial cutaways. Washburn also makes some of the most advanced rock/metal guitars on the market today. Unique features in the PXL Series include full contact bridge, custom carved back and Buzz Feiten Tuning System®. Washburn electric guitars are designed with style and playing comfort in mind.

Ortega Established in 1994, Ortega is a German guitar company that has been popular in Europe for over twenty years. Relatively new to the United States, Ortega is making waves in the guitar community with an exceptional range of nylon string guitars. Ortega guitars feature a 12 hole bridge, available slim neck options, Spanish heel construction (select models), and a deluxe gig bag included with the guitar.

Seagull Founded in 1982 by Robert Godin, Seagull offers high-quality modern craftsmanship and innovative design, such as a less prominent upper bout, all-solid compound-curve top design, and a modified headstock designed to create straight string runs. The Music Room is proud to offer Seagulls at every price point, from the beginner to the seasoned professional.

B.C. Rich Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, Bernardo Chavez Rico turned the world of electric guitar design on its head with models like the Warlock, Mockingbird, and Eagle. Finding enthusiastic adopters in heavy metal guitarists, B.C. Rich continued to tweak and perfect their lineup, a practice that continues today. B.C. Rich offers the modern player features including Floyd Rose tremolo systems and 7-string models.

Warwick is a German bass guitar manufacturer known around the world for their ergonomic design, exceptional playability, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes, and high-quality instruments under the $1,000 mark. The Music Room carries several Warwick Rockbass models, perfect for the improving musician looking for their first "serious" instrument.

Constructed from all solid woods and utilizing the traditional Spanish heel, this is an exceptional instrument for a serious student of classical guitar. The slightly narrow nut width (50mm) also means this guitar is perfect for the steel string acoustic player looking to explore the warm sound of a nylon string instrument.
  • Solid American Red Western Cedar top
  • Solid Indonesian Rosewood back and sides
  • 12-hole bridge
  • Two-way adjustable truss rod
  • Deluxe gig bag included

Price: $899.00