Guitar Accessories That Fit Your Sound - Online store coming soon!

You will find the guitar accessories you need at The Music Room – everything from guitar strings, guitar picks, cables, capos, and slides to polish cloths, tuners and metronomes. Protect your guitar with a well-fitted case. Keep everything organized in a great gig bag.  Pedals, power supplies, and patch cables will keep your sound pumping. Come in and check out our guitar stands. You can also find select replacement parts. While visiting the store, ask about our guitar care which includes maintenance products and services.

We carry a wide variety of high quality reputable brands including D'Addario, DR, Ernie Ball, GHS, Curt Mangan, Elixir, SIT, Fender, Dunlop, Kyser, Snark, Planet Waves, Peavey, String Swing, Star Picks, Profile, and many more. For specific questions regarding repair and replacement parts, call us at (847) 934-5440.

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