Guitarist on stage

Students come together to learn how to play together in a band in a fun and supportive environment. With the guidance of an experienced teacher, rock or jazz band members will choose repertoire and rehearse together toward a smooth and polished performance.

Two years private instruction or prior experience in Kid’s Rock Band is recommended.

This class is not currently offered.

Kid’s Rock Band

Four songs will be learned over the ten week period.  Instrumentation includes guitar, bass, piano, drums and vocals.  Not for beginners, students should have a functional knowledge of their instruments.

Rockers learn teamwork and cooperation while building confidence. Ensemble playing strengthens functional skills that have been established in private study. Class will conclude with a performance for friends and family.

 This class is not currently offered. 

Jazz Combo For Kids

The Jazz Combo Summer Class is a collaborative experience for late middle school/early high school students aimed at cultivating a greater depth of knowledge in Jazz music.  Under the direction of an experienced Jazz musician, students would explore the world of Jazz music ranging from early to modern compositions in swing, blues, and Latin styles.


Performance etiquette and the non-verbal communication between musicians will be a primary focus of the class, as well as the development of a strong foundation for creatively improvised solos. The class will culminate with a live performance to showcase the knowledge gained and skills learned by the students. Preferred 3 years private lesson experience, Jazz band experience.
This class is not currently offered.