Young Male Musician Teaches Female Student How To Play the Guitar.Group classes are a satisfying way for a child at any age to strengthen their musical abilities and awareness. Group class instructors create a positive learning environment where everyone can grow as a musician. Students experience how music training integrates the heart, mind, hand and ear.

Upcoming Kids Group Lessons at The Music Room

**Classes Begin January 11, 2016**

TMR Treble Makers Learn More

This is an early childhood music class for babies, toddlers and their parents.

Ukulele For Kids Learn More

Children easily adapt to the ukulele’s small, narrow neck, making this a good introductory instrument and class.

Beginning Guitar 1 Learn More

This is the perfect class for the student with no prior experience.

 Beginning Guitar 2 Learn More

Beginning Guitar 2 is for students who have completed Beginning Guitar 1, or who have a very basic knowledge of guitar skills.

Kid’s Rock Band Learn More

Young rockers come together to play in a band.

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