Young Male Musician Teaches Female Student How To Play the Guitar.Group classes are a satisfying way for a child at any age to strengthen their musical abilities and awareness. Group class instructors create a positive learning environment where everyone can grow as a musician. Students experience how music training integrates the heart, mind, hand, and ear.

Summer 2020 Kids Group Classes at The Music Room

Classes will begin the week of July 27 and end the week of August 24. (The cost for 5 weeks is $110.00).  Classes will meet at the gazebo at Towne Square (150 W. Palatine Road, Palatine) or downstairs at The Music Room (35 W. Brockway, Palatine) where students can socially distance. 

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Kids Guitar 1  Thursday  4pm – 5pm  Bob Thompson  The Gazebo
Kids Guitar 2   Wednesday  1pm – 2pm Steve Kaiser  The Gazebo
GarageBand (Age 13 and up) $50 Saturday 2pm – 3pm Bob Thompson  The Gazebo
Free Ukulele Circle (All Ages)
(Registration Required)
 Tuesday  6pm – 7pm  Steve Kaiser  The Gazebo
Free Guitar  Circle (All Ages)
(Registration Required)
Thursday 6pm-7pm Bob Thomposon  The Gazebo

Kids Guitar

TMR’s kid’s guitar classes are designed to guide the student through basic and intermediate guitar technique and musicianship. Classes are structured across four progressive levels: Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Guitar 3 and Guitar Ensemble. Learn More

Kids Ukulele

Children easily adapt to the ukulele’s small neck and nylon strings, making this a good introductory instrument and class. Kids Ukulele 1 and 2 are offered, as well as Kid’s Ukestra, a class for students who have completed Ukulele 2.  Learn More

GarageBand Workshop

Learn how to play, record, edit and share your original music.  In this class students ages 13 and up will explore  the creative and technical features of GarageBand for iOS. All that is needed is an iPhone or iPad with the GarageBand application. It’s recommended that students bring Apple Earpods or compatible headphones for their iPhone or iPad. Students that are interested in recording electric guitar into GarageBand will require an iRig in order to plug directly into their iPhone or iPad.   Learn more

FREE Ukulele and Guitar Circles

Free Ukulele and Guitar Circles provide an opportunity for players of all ages to come together to play familiar, fun and favorite songs.  These sessions are not intended to instruct, they are to provide a platform for camaraderie in music. A working knowledge of several basic chords will make for an enjoyable experience. Circle sessions will be held from July 6 to August 8 in the Gazebo in Towne Square (150 S. Palatine Road, Palatine) Register here.

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