Piano_Lessons_260x165Due to COVID-19 all lessons are being held virtually. New students are welcome.

The Music Room offers music lessons for kids of all ages through private instruction as well as group lessons.

Kids private music lessons offer children one-on-one instruction in voice and virtually every instrument. Private lessons meet weekly for 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Working with an instructor, the child explores and progresses their knowledge of the instrument, music theory and their ability to wrestle with and meet challenges. A customized goal plan is prepared. Reserved private lesson times are offered Monday through Saturday. Time slots are selected during a pre-arranged, registration appointment. Flexible scheduling and recital opportunities are also available. Read more about private lessons for kids.

Kids group music classes meet for 10 weeks in one-hour sessions. Group lessons are a fun way for children to explore music within a small community of other children and with an instructor who knows how to connect them to the joy of music. It is a time and place for them to nurture their creativity and develop music skills. Group lessons are a great way to supplement private or school music lessons. Registration can be facilitated online or at The Music Room in Palatine. Read more about group lessons for kids.