Did you know that regular maintenance of your fretted instrument is critical to achieving optimal tone and playability?  Just as your car needs regularly scheduled maintenance activities in order to properly run, your guitar needs regular attention and adjustments in order to properly play!

This class will provide an explanation of the mechanics of the guitar and other fretted instruments, including bass guitars, mandolins, banjos and ukuleles. By studying the craft of a proper guitar set up, students will understand just how important it is to maintain their own instruments at regular intervals.

The class will cover the basics of guitar maintenance and performance. We will show you how your instrument can be influenced by humidity and other climate variances. Maintenance practices from simple string changes to fingerboard card, action height, and truss rod adjustments will be covered.

Instructor and technician Michael Mills will walk you through the process of performing these maintenance tasks yourself.  Supplies such as strings, polish, winders, and humidifiers are available for purchase at the class. This is a hands on class and students are encouraged to bring their own instrument.

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