Description: What is Come Blow Your Horn? It's a chance for any and all students who are considering playing an instrument in band or orchestra next fall to come in and try out each of the instruments for free! The Music Room's staff will be on hand and available to give each student the opportunity to touch, hold, feel or try, any, trumpet, trombone, French horn or baritone The Music Room has a fantastic instrument rental program.  All payments are applied toward the purchase of the instrument, but there is no obligation to purchase. After students have played the instruments and chosen what they want to play in the fall we can reserve the instrument for you so it's ready for pickup before school starts. Early pickup is also available for those students who wish to get a head start on their instrument before school starts. We can also get you started with private lessons during the summer on your chosen instrument. Can't decide which one to play? Try them all! Come Blow Your Horn is offered a variety of times throughout the summer. Check the events menu on our website for dates and times.