You have obtained the instrument, your child has started playing in band and perhaps they are also taking private lessons. Now is the perfect time for your child to learn how to maintain their own instrument. We all know how important regular oil changes, tire rotations and other routine maintenance practices are for our cars. Musical instruments are no different! They are intricate machines with many moving parts and components that are delicately balanced.
The Music Room’s Our Care & Repair University seminars are designed to give new and returning band and orchestra students a hands-on experience as they are shown basic maintenance routines. These practices are designed to help keep their instruments in proper working order. We will also teach students how to avoid some of the most common perils and pitfalls that can render an instrument unplayable: stuck mouthpieces, overtightened bows, bent keys, sticky or corroded valves and dirty pads.
All Care & Repair University seminars are free and open to band and orchestra students and their parents. Attend as many as you like!