Almost all school students are given iPads for the duration of their school career, and many people have
several in the family. This class will focus on the various ways to utilize the incredible and
often free software available for today’s musicians, composers, and songwriters. Great for high schoolers and adults or any young students taking private lessons that have expressed interest in writing music.



Making Music On The iPad

As the emphasis will be on Notation Software and GarageBand, the class will also run as a composer’s forum in which students will be able to share covers, original compositions/songs, and arrangements, for feedback from both the instructor and fellow students.

As this software is very intuitive, all musicians are encouraged to sign up, regardless of their level of compositional experience. This class will give those students the tools they need to get out
and start writing great sounding music to share with the world!


  1. Students will learn important terminology relating to the digital music world such as: DAW, XML., MIDI, Audio interface, etc.
  2. Students will become proficient in Apple GarageBand for the iPad, as well as various notation softwares.
  3. Students will have ample opportunities to share original music for feedback regarding both the music and the production value, as well as get in inside look on how composer Andrew Capone uses these technologies for original scores being placed in film, video games, and session work.


  1. Apple iPad
  2. GarageBand
  3. Notion ($15 purchase)
  4. Notate me (free or purchased) optional
  5. Symphony pro (optional)
  6. Other optional software purchases (Moog, Roland, Bias FX, Ampkit, etc.)
  7. Optional lightning adapters to audio or midi.


This class will be offered in Summer 2018