Group ukulele classes at The Music Room offer an affordable way to advance your skills while enjoying the camaraderie among ukulele musicians. Bring a friend or come alone, either way you are sure to love this fun class for adult ukulele players. Students age 14 and up may register for adult group classes.

Classes meet for an hour, for ten weeks. $220.

Adult Ukulele 1

Ukulele is the perfect instrument for all ages. The beginner ukulele class introduces students to notes, strings and strumming along with basic music reading and theory. Play simple songs to start and build your repertoire as you learn new chords. No prior experience is required. Soprano ukuleles are played in this class.

Wednesdays, 6pm | September 13 – November 15
Instructor: Steve Kaiser

Adult Ukulele 2

Students will build on skills acquired in Ukulele 1. Topics will include additional chords, discussion of key signatures and intermediate rhythmic notation, and group playing with melody and accompaniment.

This class will be offered Winter 2017

Adult Ukestra

Ukestra (a ukulele orchestra) brings together confident adult players with a knowledge covering the curriculum of Adult Ukulele 2 and beyond. The class functions as an ensemble working in various genres and styles of ukulele music with valuable participant input.

Thursdays, 8pm | September 14 – November 16
Instructor: Alex Bracy

Looking for a ukulele?

If you are searching for a ukulele to purchase, stop by The Music Room. Our friendly staff will show you the various styles of ukulele and help you find the right one to purchase.