Always wanted to play guitar? It’s never too late to learn. Group guitar lessons for adults make it easy, affordable and fun. Dust off your old guitar or treat yourself to a great new guitar from The Music Room. We’re here to help you get started. We’ll even let you borrow a guitar and take it home with you for the duration of the class (Guitar 1 only). Students age 14 and up can register for adult group classes.

Adult Guitar 1

This is the perfect group class for the student with no prior experience. Adult Guitar 1 will teach students how to hold and tune the guitar and will cover proper playing position as well as guitar maintenance. Students will learn notes in the first position on the first four strings and will be able to play with elementary rhythms (whole notes, half notes, and quarter notes).

Class will emphasize music reading and theory. Theory at this level will introduce the following concepts: the staff, lines and spaces, note names, measures and time signatures. Simple songs will be learned using a combination of all these elements.

Classes meet for an hour, for ten weeks. $220.

Thursdays, 7p | April 6 – June 8 
Instructor: Eric Latto


Wednesdays, 7pm | April 12 – June 14
Instructor: Bill Kidera


Adult Guitar 2

Adult Guitar 2 is for students who have completed Guitar 1, or who have a very basic knowledge of guitar skills. Students will learn notes on the 5th and 6th strings. Chords will be introduced (C, G7, G and D7) and finger exercises to develop dexterity and coordination will be learned.

Theory skills will continue with learning half and whole steps, key signatures and rests. Basic strumming patterns will be covered and the students’ song repertoire will increase.

Classes meet for an hour, for ten weeks. $198 (No class Memorial Day, May 29)

Mondays, 6pm | April 3– June 5 
Instructor: Bob Thompson


Adult Guitar 3

Guitar 3 is for students who have completed the first two levels of group guitar and who feel confident in their growing guitar skills. Students will develop an extensive repertoire of notes and chords, covering keys commonly used in guitar music, and will play basic multi-part music as a group in order to familiarize themselves with ensemble playing. Additional skills will include full scales and changing between chords efficiently and easily.

Classes meet for an hour, for ten weeks. $220.

Wednesdays, 8pm | April 12 – June 14 
Instructor: Bob Thompson