Whether you’re enrolling as a supplement to private lessons or as an alternative, group classes are a satisfying way to strengthen your musical abilities. Enjoy the camaraderie!

Adult group lessons meet weekly in one-hour sessions for the duration of each semester. All classes are held at The Music Room located at 26 N Brockway Street in Palatine.

Summer Adult Group Lessons at The Music Room

Classes begin the week of June 19, 2017.

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 Adult Guitar 1  Mondays  7pm – 8pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Guitar 1  Wednesdays  6pm – 7pm  Bill Kidera
 Adult Guitar 2  Thursdays  7pm – 8pm  Eric Latto
 Adult Guitar 3  Mondays  6pm – 7pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Guitar Ensemble  Wednesdays  8pm – 9pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Ukulele 1  Saturdays  4pm – 5pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Ukulele 2  Saturdays  3pm – 4pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Ukulele 2  Thursdays  8pm – 9pm  Eric Latto
 Adult Ukestra  Mondays  8pm – 9pm  Bob Thompson
 Adult Rock Band  Tuesdays  7pm – 8pm  Sean Carolan
 Adult Rock Band  Tuesdays  8pm – 9pm  Sean Carolan
 Making Music On The iPad  Saturdays  12pm – 1pm  Andrew Capone

Adult Guitar

The Music Room’s guitar classes are designed to guide the student through basic and intermediate guitar technique and musicianship. Classes are structured in four progressive levels: Guitar 1, Guitar 2, Guitar 3 and Guitar Ensemble. Learn more.

Adult Ukulele

The ukulele makes an excellent first instrument, especially for the adult with no prior experience. With only four strings and many chords possible with one or two fingers, the ukulele is easy to pick up and hard to put down. Three levels are offered: Ukulele 1, Ukulele 2, and Ukestra. Learn more.

Adult Rock Band

The adult Rock Band class is for players with moderate experience. Students and teacher work out a set of songs in a structured and rehearsed setting. Vocalists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, percussionists, and keys players are all welcome! Learn more.

Making Music On The iPad

This class will focus on the various ways to utilize the incredible and often free software available for today’s musicians, composers, and songwriters. Learn more.

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