Playing the Piano

Due to COVID-19 all lessons are being conducted virtually. New students are welcome.

Looking for something new or returning to something you love? The Music Room offers multi-level private and group classes for an endless variety of instruments.

In a supportive, friendly environment your growth as a musician is personal and powerful.

Musical training at any age reaps physical, mental and social benefits throughout a lifetime. Science and art combine when experiencing music training. Studies show that neural connections associated with creativity, decision-making and complex memory are strengthened in those receiving music training. For multi-taskers, music training improves the ability to process conflicting information from multiple senses at once.

Get connected with a community of adult students and music instructors who share your interest. We want to hear you play!

Getting Started

For private lessons, call The Music Room at 847-934-5440 to schedule an appointment. During this appointment we will work together to select your time and teacher.


Before You Begin

Get yourself into learning mode. Be ready to listen to your instructor, practice every day for at least 30 minutes and prepare yourself because everything that’s worthwhile is worth working for.

About your Instrument

Invest in a quality instrument. The Music Room staff can help you select an instrument that meets your needs and budget. Rental instruments are also available.

Not sure if which instruction method is right for you? Schedule an appointment and we can go over all the details together.