IMG_1110Christopher Boetticher comes from a musical family and was greatly influenced by his father and uncle who played guitar. He began taking electric guitar lessons in the sixth grade and continued throughout high school. In 2002, Christopher took classical guitar lessons at The Music Room and then went on to study classical and jazz guitar with Peter Aglinskas and Steve Vazquez at Harper College. He completed a two-year program with core studies in music theory, aural skills, classical/jazz guitar, classical guitar ensemble, and jazz lab band. While at Harper, he played in a Master Class for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet.

With 15 years playing experience and a diverse background in classical, jazz, metal, and rock, Christopher’s background appeals to a variety of students. A dedicated teacher, he focuses on keeping students engaged and growing. “I want students to develop their own sound and find their voice by learning guitar and studying music,” said Christopher. He believes every student needs to learn theory, read notation, play scales, chords, and pieces. “Learning guitar can be very challenging and it takes a lot of patience.” His goal is to have students experience the gratification that comes from developing a skill that builds a larger capacity for creative expression.

First piece of music that had a profound effect on me: Metallica – Master of Puppets. When I first heard it I was floored and it motivated me to improve. Learning how to play the rhythm and lead guitar parts were milestones in my teens.

Music teacher who inspired me the most: Peter Aglinskas, a music professor at Harper College had a big influence on my playing and approach to practicing, performing and applying theory analysis to repertoire. He and Chicago guitarist Steve Vazquez both had a big impact on improving and developing my technique.

How I am making the world a better place: By teaching students and helping them realize their potential and achieve their goals.

Favorite quote about music: “Without music to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.” – Frank Zappa